AYO Almond Yogurt | We put our heart and soul into every sweet, creamy spoonful.
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Our Yogurts

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We put our heart and soul into every sweet, creamy spoonful.

We Grow Our Own Almonds

The Story of AYO

From farm to spoon, from us to you.TM

We make delicious yogurt, but we’re not like other yogurt makers. Why? We don’t use dairy or soy or coconut. We’re all about almonds, which we grow at our fourth generation family farms in California’s sunny San Joaquin Valley. We love and nurture our almonds, and then we turn them into delicious, dairy-free yogurt blended with organic fruit or organic vanilla. We care about every single step of the process, from our almond orchards where everything starts, to picking, then churning and culturing our yogurt. The result is luscious, probiotic-rich yogurts. They’re loaded with a lightly toasted almond flavor and pure goodness. So grab a spoon, get a taste, and let our organic almonds make you smile.

Meet the Billings Family – Almond Growers for Four Generations

Four generations, and still going strong. Our family has had farms in California’s sunny San Joaquin Valley since 1913. Over 100 years later, we take pride in producing organic California almonds, which we use to make our AYO almond yogurt. We’re forward-thinking farmers who’ve learned from the past. And as stewards of the land, we’re passionate about introducing better-for-you foods the right way: with clear traceability, vertical integration and sustainable practices. Our commitment to innovation and farm-to-spoon philosophy has resulted in the creation of AYO yogurt.

D and Lydia Billings, 1920s, First Generation


What makes AYO different from other almond yogurts?

We are the first almond milk yogurt that sources almonds directly from our very own family farm.

What ingredients are in AYO Yogurt?

Visit the Our Yogurts page to learn more about all the natural and organic ingredients in our yogurt

What does the Billings Family have to do with yogurt?

We started making yogurt to bring our delicious organic almonds to more people. What better way to consume nutrient-rich almonds than in a creamy, rich dairy-free yogurt!

What does farm-to-spoon mean?

We are the only brand of almond milk yogurt that grows organic almonds. Others simply buy almonds as a commodity, without tracing their origin or farming practices.

Is AYO 100% plant based?

Absolutely. There is no dairy in our almond yogurts, and is safe for those who choose to avoid dairy products or are lactose-intolerant.

Is AYO vegetarian-friendly? Vegan?

Yes, AYO yogurts are vegan. Enjoy!

Is AYO gluten-free?


I’m lactose intolerant. Can I eat AYO?

Absolutely! There is no lactose in our yogurts.

Is your cup recyclable?

Yes it is.  Check the bottom of the cup.

Is it true that almond trees require more water?

Nope. To learn the facts about almond agriculture and water use, the Almond Board of California has a factsheet worth referencing.

Where can I learn more about almonds grown in California?

You can learn more by visiting our friends, the Almond Board of California, at their website, Almonds.com

Where can I find AYO?

AYO Almond Milk Yogurt is brand new, and now available! You can visit our Store Locator here. If you don’t see it in your local store, ask your store manager to carry AYO.  We will soon be available nationwide.

Is AYO non-GMO?

Yes, all AYO Almond Milk Yogurt is non-GMO certified.